Friday, March 15, 2013

A Hide Away Book Shelf for the Entry Way

I found this antique radio cabinet at a yard sale during lunch a few weeks ago.
Picked it up for only $5!
It no longer has a radio inside but it does have some amazing details that are going to stand out very well once painted.
My plan was to paint it white and add some dark wax to make the carvings pop.
I'm also going to buy some small castors for the feet so that I can roll it against a wall and it can be a hide away book shelf for the living room.

I had planned to paint it the day I got it but cold temperatures and a soggy cold rain prevented me from that goal.

It needed a little bit of repair work. The sides were coming apart from the shelves and one of the legs was cracking out the side of the cabinet.
I removed old glue, and using Titebond 2 I reglued and clamped the broken areas and let them dry for about 2 hours. (the label says to let dry for 30 minutes but it was still a little cool and I wanted to make sure it was glued well before painting)
Now for paint!
The first coat below...

I also found this old mirror at a thrift store pretty cheap and decided to hang it above the radio cabinet so I'm painting it to match.

I was able to get one coat of paint on the mirror today.
I got 2 coats of paint on the cabinet. I think I will probably do 2 more as the stain is showing in a few areas, which isn't all that bad since I plan to do a coat of brown then clear wax to bring out the details.
I still need to do a back piece for that cut out design area, I will either use antique sheet music or some old ledger sheets as a backing. Haven't decided yet. Then I need to figure out how to get castors on those legs. I'm a little afraid to drill holes to put the castors in since the legs are old and not so sure they won't split on me, but again have to wait and see.

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