Monday, May 12, 2014

Ardex countertop new direction...

I absolutely adore the texture from the troweling process, then I went to seal and decided on a gloss coat for bar tops for maximum durability. 
Love this product...4 foot plastic with tape already on it, so easy to use!
So this is what I chose to use for the sealer for my countertops. FAmowood Glaze Coat from Lowes. I figured I wanted a really good seal and this would do the trick. It did seal quite well, but...made my countertops so dark I don't like them.:( sad face. . .
Plus the glaze coat was a bit difficult to work with, it sets up super fast and the areas I had to cover were too big to do myself. Not very happy with how this particular DIY turned out. 

BUT!.....the good thing about Ardex is that it is extremely easy to work with so I'm just gonna sand that glaze coat, apply a few more thin layers of Ardex and seal it with Polyurethane to get the color and finish I want. :) I'll update in a few days and let you know how it's going. :)


  1. I had the same problem, using a different sealer. How did your "fix" turn out? Any problems sanding off the sealer and adding layers? How did the poly work out?

  2. How did your "fix" turn out? Any problems sanding (how aggressively did you sand before adding another layer?)?
    How many more layers did you add before re-sealing?

    1. My "fix" turned out great! I sanded it pretty good with coarse sandpaper but didn't go crazy. Just enough to rough up the surface so the new layer would stick. only took me about an hour to do all the surfaces so I was really booking it and wasn't really paying too much attention to how well it was sanded. when you wipe off the dust you will be able to see any shiny spots that you can then go back over. I did two layers of the Ardex on the second time around. Just to get my texture thing back. And I put two coats of polyurethane on it and it turned out great. Although I have a few tiny spots here and there starting to absorb moisture if it is left too long, so I'm thinking I need to give a few more coats.

  3. Did you use water based or oil based polyurethane? And which brand? Are you happy with it?


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