Monday, August 4, 2014

Bar front planks installed...

First of all yes, I know the sad state of this counter. We had just finished a b-b-q and everything was still out lol. But I was determined to get this project finished today. I hate the paneling under the bar top. I have been wanting to get some painted planks up there for a while but hadn't found the wood cheap enough for my cheapness lol. Until I went to a yard sale about a week ago and found a whole box of cedar closet planks. I bought them for $10, took them home, painted them and now, finally I got to put them on.
Of coarse when I finally went to start this project my air compressor wouldn't start so I spent about 20 minutes working on the motor and finally got it running. A little lubricant is all it needed. Why is it that whenever you get a fire lit under your pants to try to make some progress, everything breaks down? It's really quite annoying. But I persevered! Lol.
After priming, painting, and cutting the planks down to size I put a line of Liquid Nails down the center of each board and used my brad nailer to secure them to the paneling with three brads.  I used 5/8" brad nails since the other side of that paneling is a kitchen cabinet and I didn't want sharp nails hanging out inside my food storage area.
Much better, no? I'm loving it! And I'm still loving my Ardex Bar top. We did have a little mishap though, when my youngest tried out our new pizza cutter on the new bar top. Good thing Ardex is such an easy repair!
Now if I can just work out the kinks in my light fixture I'll be happy. I have isolated the problem though so it shouldn't be long before it's working.

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