Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kitchen ideas, plans, and not so much progress...

I know I haven't been around much but I am still working on my kitchen. It's a remodel that has gotten interrupted more than once. I did finally put all my cabinet doors back up this week...I's been months! But at least I'm making a little progress lol. 
I still have to paint the bottom cabinets and am psyching myself up for that. (I really hate painting). I see all these articles and websites proclaiming that painting is the easiest most inexpensive way to update your home, well I'm not a big fan, although I love the finished product I just HATE painting. Anyone else feel that way?

Anywho, my brain is wandering again and getting excited about starting another project for the kitchen. Yes yes I know I haven't finished painting yet. I got onto my new project...

I saw this post by Kara Paslay...
Where she makes this backsplash out of Sculpey homemade tiles. I love it! I can't afford real tile but I can so do this. Walmart has large packs of sculpey 3 clay for under $4 and that is WAY cheaper than real tile. Especially the tile I want which is an arabesque Moroccan tile shaped like this...
But I want to do it in a matt finish white like this...
I'm totally in love with this image. I have the darker Ardex countertops and white cabinets and even the kitchen window so its really easy to imagine my kitchen turning out like this. 
I have to try this...and I want to do it so bad that I'm not going to let my self start till I finish painting the cabinets. It'll give me a little incentive to get my painters cap on.

For now I just want to do it on the one wall behind the kitchen sink, but when I'm finished I may decide to wrap it around behind the stove wall too. But that's a decision for another day. :)

I'm also reading up on making a cookie cutter from scratch so I can cut the tiles out easily and quickly instead of hand cutting each one like Kara's tutorial. Cause the fish scales I would imagine would be a lot easier to cut than these Moroccan ones.

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  1. Hello Thespoena,
    You are a very talented Lady !! I've been reading all about your re-do of the kitchen and your amazing make-over of the furniture. Beautiful ! Wishing you well and lots of inspiration !


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