Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vintage Window Painted Sign Tutorial...

I picked up a vintage window at a yard sale for $10. It was actually a package deal I worked out for a brand new space heater that had $15 on it and the windows had $15 on them. I gave the gal my last $20 for the heater and the window. The space heater was still sealed in the box and is worth $75, score!
But I was really excited about the window. I didn't look at it before I bought it, the side facing me was all brown wood. Then my daughter picked it up for me and when she turned it around it was painted turquoise and white, score! Sometimes things just work out lol. 

 First I made the graphic (find it free below)  in Photoshop and printed it out using the poster option on my printer so the image printed out over 4 sheets of paper.
 I then taped the printed design to the back of the window and started painting the glass, tracing over the printed lines.
Next I removed the printed design from the back of the window and painted the blue color on the back of the window to show through the outlined letters. I love the 3-D look of painting the outlines on the front of the glass that the filler blue color on the back of the glass, also when the lights are on it casts shadows of the painted letters on the wall, too neat!

 My kitchen remodel is really coming along. Yay! I'm loving it so far. :)
Have I told you how much I love my mason jar light fixture? Well in case I haven't I really do!
This is the graphic I designed, feel free to use for your personal projects or gifts but please do not sell and do come back and share what you've made when you get a chance, I really wanna see! :)

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  1. I love it - of course, I'm a huge fan of old windows anyway, but this one is so great - thanks for the graphic!


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